Newington primary song goes global

A special song to celebrate a love of reading has become a hit around the world for Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate.

The school choir and music teacher Warwick Eldred have recently re-recorded The Reading Song that has now topped 587,500 viewers on the YouTube social media platform alone.

Written by music teacher Warwick Eldred and former colleague Hanna Beech, the lively tune is a favourite with pupils and staff and has now found new fans globally.

Mr Eldred said: “It is quite astounding – this week I discovered that it’s been used in India, America and has become a ‘Dance Craze’ in Dubai.

“Previously the song has been used in Canada to raise money for a school library and in Australia as a tribute to a retiring librarian.

“To celebrate our international fame, the current school choir did a live version of the song and some of our ‘zesty’ bookworm staff provided contributions for our video of the number to share their love of learning.

“It has also been used by other schools particularly during World Book Day celebrations.

Part of the lyric features this sing-along message:

“When I am reading, I am succeeding, I pick up a book and take a look, my mind just starts to grow.”

Mr Eldred added: “It’s lovely to think so many people have enjoyed the video and song. What is really important is that it inspires children and adults to pick up a book and to enjoy the thrill of reading.

“As the song says ‘We love to read’ and we hope that it will ignite a passion for literature in others.”

The school also uses songs to underpin learning in a number of subjects including maths, languages and literacy.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor is proud of Newington’s creative learning. She said: “All these songs are fantastic learning resources. A lot of skill, time and effort goes into their creation and they are very well received.

“The Reading Song has really struck the right note with pupils, staff and other around the world – it is fantastic that a lovely song to celebrate reading has travelled from our own community into the lives of so many others.”

Pupils also perform their own AAA Vadio (Video and Radio) Show each term. AAA Vadio features video and radio articles in an online magazine style programme that is recorded in the music room and studio. It is screened on the internet via the school website.

Newington’s AAA Vadio has also won the best primary school radio station and innovation awards in the nationwide Young Audio competition.