An inclusive curriculum designed to install a love and appreciation of music, irrespective of ability.

At Newington Community Primary School we are committed to providing all children with a music curriculum designed to inspire and install a love for music in and out of the classroom. Music is taught from Nursery all the way through to year 6 by a specialised music coordinator who teaches every pupil in the school. Our aim is to make the curriculum relevant to our cohort of pupils and the subject overview is regularly adapted to incorporate the suggestions and interests of our children. Music provides a backbone for the promotion of the school’s core values and ethos through specifically written songs that are shared during weekly assemblies and singing assemblies. Music has the potential to inspire and enrich every pupil’s life irrespective of cultural background or ability and that is our overarching intention. We want to expose our pupils to a wide range of musical skills, a cultural and historical understanding of music and its genres, and to empower our pupils with the necessary skills to use music as a form of expression, communication, and a way to develop important skills to develop self- confidence as a member of a group and as an individual. We also want to provide whole class teaching of specific instruments at KS1 and 2. Each year group focuses on a specific instrument and there is clear progress of musical skills, starting with the Ocarina, progressing onto the ukulele and finishing with the keyboard.

Subject Policy

Our Music Policy can be viewed here.

Subject Overview

ncps music overview.pdf

 Subject Progression

music curriculum progression 2023.pdf